Different Strategies of Learning and Personality Style

Topics: Psychology, Learning, Education Pages: 2 (594 words) Published: November 7, 2010
Different strategies of learning and personality styles

Even though most people do not understand learning and intelligence well enough, after studying the materials provided based on communication and collaboration strategy information, people learned that people have different learning style and personality type based on multiple pathways to learning and personality spectrum. The purpose of this paper is that knowing or understanding how they learn will also help them to set goals that they find more difficult and use strategies that help them to move toward those goals that they set. Based on responses from the multiple pathways to learning and personality spectrum, three learning styles and three different personality types were identified to develop a strategy for effective communication and collaboration among selected personality types. First phase of the communication, three learning styles identify were” interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic.” At first, naturalistic type of learner likes to have a profound understanding of nature, and form a study groups with like same interests and likes to study outside instead of inside and intent to learn faster by looking or studying at plants, animals, or absorbing creations on the earth, (Howard Gardner, Harvard University Professor, 1983). In second, interpersonal type of learner would be enables to learn from one another by expressing his ideas, thoughts, and experiences. By creating relationships with others and involving group discussion, people intent to learn faster or taking in knowledge more rapidly. An interpersonal may take the lead in teaching materials to others. In third, intrapersonal type of learner would be evaluating oneself own thinking or being aware of one’s expressing feeling or describes how people would understand from another’s point of view. Understanding how they relate to others is also a key (Howard Gardner, Harvard University Professor, 1983)....
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