Identify at Least Three Different Learning Styles and Develop a Strategy for Effectice Communication and Collaboration Among Your Selected Learning Styles and Personality Types

Topics: Theory of multiple intelligences, Howard Gardner, Prime number Pages: 3 (535 words) Published: July 22, 2011
|PATHWAYS TO LEARNING |Name: |Angela Diallo |Date: |July 20, 2011 |

Developed by Joyce Bishop, Ph.D., and based upon Howard Gardner’s Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

Directions: Rate each statement as follows:1 = rarely2 = sometimes3 = usually4 = always

Type the number of your response (1 – 4) on the line next to the statement and total each set of six questions.

1.2I enjoy physical activities.
2.2I am uncomfortable sitting still.
3.4I prefer to learn through doing.
4.2When sitting I move my legs or hands.
5.4I enjoy working with my hands.
6.1I like to pace when I’m thinking or studying.

15Total for Bodily-Kinesthetic

7.1I enjoy telling stories.
8.3I like to write.
9.   3I like to read.
10.   2I express myself clearly.
11.1I am good at negotiating.
12.   3I like to discuss topics that interest me.

13Total for Verbal-Linguistic

13.1I use maps easily.
14.   2I draw pictures/diagrams when explaining ideas.
15.1I can assemble items easily from diagrams.
16.2I enjoy drawing or photography.
17.3I do not like to read long paragraphs.
18.   1I prefer a drawn map over written directions.

10Total for Visual-Spatial
19.1I like math in school.
20.3I like science.
21.3I problem-solve well.
22.   3I question how things work.
23.3I enjoy planning or designing something new.
24.1I am able to fix things.

   14Total for Logical-Mathematical

25.3I listen to music.
26.   4I move my fingers or feet when I hear music.
27.3I have good rhythm.
28.3I like to sing along with music.
29.1People have said I have musical talent.
30.1I like to express my ideas through music.

15Total for Musical
31.   4I need quiet time to think.
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