My Personality and Learning Style

Topics: Psychology, Education, Personality psychology Pages: 4 (566 words) Published: April 18, 2013
My Personality and Learning Style

My personality type is ISTJ which is introverted, sensor, thinker, and judger.

Introverted people are more likely to be reserved, private and more likely to work

alone than with groups. Social events are not a strong characteristic of an introvert

which prefers to be in a calm quiet location with relatives and solitude. Sensor’s

tend to prefer problems with a set of guidelines that state facts of data directly and

learn through example or experience. Thinkers believe that rational and logical

thinking over emotional feeling’s. Judger’s have structure and balance their time

and schedule precisely. Which can be managing people or working with a set of

specific instructions and goals.

I believe that the personality type test is accurate in describing my

Personality. The test states that I am sixty percent introverted which means that i

prefer working alone and reflect on my thoughts. Introverts might not ask

question’s and rely on others to ask for them but if i know there is something i

don’t understand and absolutely can’t figure out by myself that’s when i ask a

question. I feel that personality can have a big impact on your grades, for example

extroverts are more likely to talk during a teacher’s lecture and cause them to miss

some information. While introverts tend to keep more thoughts to themselves and

are more likely to pay attention in class. Having a clear understanding of how you

learn and perceive information which can be more efficient in less time wasted.

V.A.R.K is visual, aural, read, write and kinesthetic. The way you process

or perceive information in the classroom can define the grade you earn. My

preferred choice of sensory is reading and writing because i like write and read

notes over several times. Memorizing information, notes and study material is my

most effective way of assuring that i pass my...
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