Difference Between Laptops and Ipads

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Difference between laptops and IPads

In this compare and contrast paper you will be informed about the differences between a laptop and an IPad. The difference between laptops and IPads can be confusing when it comes to purchasing one or the other. Some people think that the laptop and IPad are the same but there are many differences between the two. They are a lot alike in many ways but there are also many differences between the two. When purchasing one or the other, you really need to know what all you need it for before you purchase one. Laptops can be upgraded, which is very convenient for anyone who owns one. When you are able to upgrade with a touch of a button it can save you a lot of time and money. You can also install applications to your laptop at any time. For example, Microsoft word is an application and when you are in school or have a business, you use Microsoft word a lot so it is nice to be able to install this application to your laptop without a problem. Laptops can be used for browsing the internet along with multi-tasking. Multi-tasking is something many people use in this day and time. This is how many businesses keep going and how many students do their assignments. When a student needs to look for references and still keep their book open while browsing on several different pages it makes things go a lot smoother. Most of your laptops have keyboards, which is convenient for most anyone. Some people do prefer a touch screen and they do have some laptops that are touch screen now but a keyboard is what most people prefer when it comes to running an office or going to school. A laptop battery life last around three hours and decreases with games and videos. The average laptop weighs about five to seven pounds. A laptop is a combined functionality of a desktop computer with a portability of a mobile phone.

When it comes to Ipads the only way to upgrade an IPad is to purchase a new one. That can be inconvenient for...
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