Nvq2 Business and Administration Unit 2 Assessment Equipment Use in an Office. Vision 2learn

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  • Published : December 20, 2012
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1. Describe the main types of equipment found in offices and how they are used. Include examples of at least three different types of office equipment.

Computers. They are used for creating and saving documents using office software like: Microsoft word, (or the free option Open office Writer). Microsoft excel for spreadsheets used for data entry, accounting, data analysing (the free equivalent exist with Open office spreadsheets). Microsoft office publisher is a program used to create and edit flyers, newsletters and brochure as well as websites. They are many different graphic programs that can be used for producing brochures and flyers from Photoshop page plus, Serif page plus, and some free software like Gimp, Paint.net . Computer are used as well to connect with people either within an organisation through an intranet or with the outside world through the internet both require specific connection network (wired or wireless) A computer needs a screen a keyboard and a mouse to be used individually in an office. People who are often on the move can use a laptop a small portable computer who has a screen, keyboard and finger pad (mouse) all in one, connection to the internet when possible can be done through wires or can be wireless The laptop has a incorporated rechargeable battery to allow its use when there is no possibilities to be connected to the main. I have noted in my recent travelling that many trains have now a socket for travellers to be able to plug/charge laptop and mobile phone.

Printers They are used to produce hard copies of documents. Modern printers can produce high quality documents copies as well as producing quality photos. They can print in colour and black and white, usually when there is a big quantity of document to be printed a black and white printer option is chosen. When a company needs a high quantity printing a laser printer is more economical and faster, graphics and charts can be printed in colour on a laser printer but...
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