Destination Marketing, Bali

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TOUR19020 Destination Marketing

Assessment 2: Bali, Indonesia

Executive Summary

Bali is a tourist region situated within Indonesia. This report aims to provide a marketing plan for the next two years which will help Bali to overcome its current constraints and challenges and to exploit its opportunities. It is suggested that Bali Tourism moves away from its traditional positioning of targeting younger people looking for a cheap holiday. By maximising the opportunities created by the constraints of not enough capacity for air flights for tourists, a new cruise ship industry can be created which will ultimately attract travellers with a higher spending potential, such as families, older people and wedding/honeymooners.

It has also been suggested in this report that a lack of increased funds within the marketing budget means that there is more opportunity to utilise free or cheaper alternatives to marketing such as social media channels. If emphasis is placed on this channel, there is more capacity to use an integrated marketing approach coupled with the other channels to capture tourists who may have been deciding between competitive destinations.

It is envisaged that Bali can capture these new market segments which will be drawn to the newer attractions on the island, moving away from the advertisement of the traditional Kuta tourist area and advertising ‘Brand Bali’ by showcasing the whole island and its culture. If this can be achieved, people will see Bali as the preferable destination and this will help Bali Tourism to prosper in the next two years. Table of Contents


Overcoming constraints4

Overcoming competitive challenges5


Market segmentation6



Media channels utilised10


Bali is a tropical island located in the southern part of the Indonesian region and is a popular tourist spot and developing tourist area (Bali Tourism Board, 2012). This report aims to develop a new marketing plan for the region for the next two years. This report has been complied by taking into consideration the opportunities, challenges and constraints in the tourism industry at the present time. There is the need to plan for these so that the region can prosper for the future and keep increasing its tourist numbers. It is important to have a marketing plan for destinations so that there can be planned activities which will lead to tourist visiting the region and lend itself to potential growth of the local economy (Hsu et al. 2008). As one of Indonesia’s largest tourist provinces in terms of money, Bali needs to continue marketing itself against other places (Leiper & Lamont, 2011). This report will firstly start by outlining the ways Bali can overcome constraints and challenges before discussing the positioning of the island to provide an updated perception in the minds of travellers. Following this, the market segmentation and the types of media used to promote the marketing message will be discussed. This report aims to provide an overall marketing plan to ensure future success of Bali and to keep it at the top of mind for travellers globally.

Overcoming constraints

A current constraint placed on the destination is that there is not enough seat on planes for the next two years to bring tourists to Bali in their current and future numbers. This will mean that grater emphasis will have to be given to the experience of being in Bali in order to overcome the fact that people might not always be able to fly into the region easily. Bali Tourism may need to convince venture capitalists that money will need to be spent on infrastructure for boat transport to be provided from other more popular ports, such as Jakarta. Bali Tourism can focus on boats/ships as a new way to get to the island...
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