Destination Marketing Plan

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City of Fremantle / Economic development & marketing

Destination marketing plan Fremantle
2011 to 2015

“Tourism is not a community service; it is a commercial industry, the intent being to attract visitors so that they spend their money with destination services and businesses. It is also highly competitive locally, regionally and internationally due to the huge benefit potential from successful tourism marketing. Public support of tourism is about economic development rather than community service. Tourism is about customers. Customers are the economic lifeblood of the industry; they have to be attracted, encouraged to stay and to spend their money locally. The primary role for tourism organisations, then, is destination marketing and networking. Differentiated destination marketing supporting quality product development is the primary driver of successful tourism. Product development needs to follow successful destination marketing whereby demand produces product development.”

Making Tourism Development Work – Local Leadership, A Discussion Paper, Local Government Association of South Australia, December 2002

Destination marketing plan - Fremantle /economic development & marketing

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Current situation

Spend from international visitors increased however by 4.3% year on year, with international visitors now injecting $1.78 billion directly into the Western Australian economy. This is above the national average growth rate for spend. Growth in visitor numbers to Western Australia has come predominantly from the VFR (visiting friends and relatives) and the business markets, at 7.0% and 6.8% respectively, and from short haul markets such as Malaysia, by 8.2%, and Singapore, by 6.9%. The holiday/leisure market declined by 3.6% for year ended June 2010. Perth Airport also saw year on year growth in foreign national arrival numbers for year ended June 2010 of 2.8%. These figures include both visitors to WA and WA residents who travel on foreign passports. Overall the foreign national arrivals data (which is used in the Health of the Industry Scorecards published monthly on the Tourism WA website) is a good indicator of what is going to be published by the International Visitor Survey (IVS). The differences tend to come from those countries with significant populations living in WA and who may travel on foreign passports, such as the UK, New Zealand and China. In addition, the IVS estimates from some countries, such as China and Korea can be volatile due to small sample sizes. For the year ended December 2009, international tourism worldwide declined 4.3% compared to the same period in 2008.1 By visitor spend the top source markets to Western Australia are United Kingdom, Singapore and Malaysia. Significant areas of growth in the previous twelve months include Malaysia, China and Indonesia. 1 By number of visitors the top source markets to Western Australia are United Kingdom, Singapore and New Zealand. Significant areas of growth over the previous twelve months include Malaysia and South Africa. 1

Fremantle, located within the Experience Perth region is deemed by Tourism Western Australia to be a popular tourist destination attracting domestic and international visitors. On 1 July 2008 the City took over management of the Fremantle First brand and introduced a differential rate to fund the management, administration and delivery of marketing activities to enhance central Fremantle’s economic and social viability. After successfully implementing the marketing program for the past two years, the City is now shifting the focus to economic development activities that build the strength and sustainability of the economy of Fremantle. The branding ‘find yourself in fremantle’ was developed for destination marketing in 2008 and is now used in all advertising and promotions. Fremantle is home to several iconic and well established tourism attractions including the Fremantle...
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