Describe the Various Forms of Structural Design Used for Multi Storey Buildings and Evaluate the Benefits and Shortcomings of Each Essays

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• Turnkey solutions by authorized Builders • Fast completion • Wide free spans without the interference of internal columns • Easy extensions • Certified according to ISO 9001: 2000

ASTRON - THE EUROPEAN MARKET LEADER • More than 40 years of experience in steel buildings for industry, commerce and trade • a track record of more than 30 million m2 of constructed buildings • A production output of 70 average-sized buildings per week from two European plants • Specific solutions for industry, commerce and trade, logistics, sports and leisure. DISTRIBUTION BY AUTHORIZED BUILDERS ASTRON buildings are marketed via a Europe-wide network of more than 300 regional building experts. These competent professionals offer creative building solutions while providing a permanent local service, thus ensuring a direct contact between customer, architect and Builder. ASTRON Builders are experts in local standards and codes and will gladly show you reference buildings in your vicinity. 3

The ASTRON Multi-Storey system is geared towards individual design solutions. Most technical requirements, as well as wishes regarding aesthetical and functional aspects, can be accommodated. Large internal volumes without the interference of internal columns allow maximum freedom to plan inside layouts.

• • • • • Wide free spans Great flexibility regarding the inside layouts Reduced overall building height Rapid erection No disturbing floor beams

ASTRON-MULTI-STOREY BUILDINGS: The system combines, in a most ideal way, the flexibility of steel with the solidity of concrete. A special feature of the ASTRON Multi-Storey system can be found in the innovative INODEK floor system. Since its steel beams are integrated into the floor system, the overall height of the building can be considerably reduced. Different roof and wall systems are available, allowing for individual preferences and adaptation to local building requirements. Dividing walls can be constructed either in masonry or by using prefabricated elements. Thanks to the combination of functionality and aesthetics, ASTRON Multi-Storey buildings are perfectly suited for commercial, trade and industry premises as well as for offices or administration buildings. The ASTRON Multi-Storey system is also an intelligent solution for car parks and similar structures.

THE DELIVERY INCLUDES: ASTRON Multi-Storey buildings basically include: • The steel structure • The floor system • Different roof systems • Various wall systems


The structure consists of columns, beams and stabilization elements. Beams and columns are made of hot-rolled or welded profiles, purlins and rails from coldformed, galvanized profiles .

STEEL STRUCTURE: Columns are fixed to the foundations by anchor bolts embedded in the concrete. Construction elements are connected to each other with galvanized, high-tensile steel bolts. Steel quality is according to EN 10025 (corresponding to S 355 and S 235 respectively). All welded and hot-rolled construction elements are shot-blasted according to SA 2.5 and have an 80 µ anti-corrosion coating in either red, blue or grey. Optionally, elements can be supplied hot-dip galvanized.

• • • • Few columns, thus wide free floor spaces Low building height due to integrated beams Wide free spans Quick and simple erection thanks to bolted connections

INODEK FLOOR BEAMS: The floor elements are laid on INODEK beams connected to the columns by buttplates.

STABILIZING ELEMENTS: The diaphragm effect of the floor elements as well as the wind bracing in the...
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