Describe the Benefits of a Productive Working Relationship

Topics: Decision making, Person, People Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: August 31, 2012
A productive working relationship can be defined as one that is productive in the terms of supporting and delivering work and that of the whole organisation. The people involved are those you are expected to work with they maybe people from all over the organization and those from “partnership” organizations. My Person Specification requires me to work at Level Two for Interpersonal Skills that is to “work collaboratively with people in teams, sections, directorates and partner organizations”. At my workplace we have a room booking system which requires us to fill out forms to enable Business Support to raise invoices. We work together to make sure outside agencies receive the correct information. Throughout many areas of my work I demonstrate “the ability to access and communicate information through the use of information technology”. We use email as the main form of communication with senior members of staff making full use of the on-line diary and GEORGE people-finder to find out who we need to contact. We have designed paper based systems and forms enabling volunteer staff at the Centre to carry out required tasks. ”Ensure that confidentiality is maintained where appropriate”, at my work place we can assure this by developing a different level of relationship between LCC staff and volunteers. Only information relevant to the volunteers is shared with them there is no access to staff emails communication is written. “Is aware of the affect of own actions on the work environment and seek to actively reduce tension” as I lone work for the majority of my time I am the only one who knows what has happened, a room booking maybe taken but I may not be at work when the event takes place. I write the booking into the site diary and the on-line diary with details of who to contact and other details ie. how many people are expected. It is necessary sometimes to communicate with another colleague and not give an immediate answer to a request as it would be unfair to...
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