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Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Social work, Management Pages: 5 (1548 words) Published: May 8, 2013
1. A working relationship is a relationship between all colleagues in a workplace. These included people in a similar role as yourself, team leaders, supervisiors, managers. A working relationship can also involve working with other multidisciplinary agencies involved in the personal centred care of a service user. E.g. Medical professionals, social workers, care professionals and legal advocates. It is also important to have a professional relationship with the families of service users to make sure care is person centred.

A personal relationship is a relationship with our own friends and family. These relationships are based on social groups, romantic involvement or a family bond.

Working relationships are a business relationship. Colleagues work together with a common goal for the same purpose. Teamwork is key.Any issues between colleagues can be resolved though procedures and polices that are in place and also though regular meetings. Personal relationships do not have polices and procedures. Friends, families and partners do not always agree. Some personal relationships do have a common goal for the same purpose but some relationships can not always work their differences through.

2. There are many different working relationships in health and social care settings. The relationship between co-workers are important. These people work with the same service users and its important to keep co-workers up to date with any new information or changes with that service user. Sometimes the co-worker may have advice or a different perspective of the situation regarding the service user so it is important to maintain a good working relationship with co-workers.

Managers and Supervisors do not have as much contact with service users as co-workers do so it is important to keep managers and supervisors up to date with any new information or changes to the services users behaviour or circumstances so managers and supervisiors can include it or change a service users care plan.

It is a managers responisibility to make sure co-workers and supervisors adhere to their job role as part of their contract of employment. A Manager will make sure all staff know their roles and responsibilities. Mangers and supervisors hold regular meetings with co-workers to discuss any issues. They hold supervisions and appraisals with co-workers and keep co-workers up to date with training and policies and procedures. Supervisiors assist co-workers and service users to other agencies that should be involved and will speak to service users if they have a complaint about their support or worker.

Families of service users can be valuable. They know the service user better than most and can inform staff of dietry or cultural needs that will contribute to service users care plans. Families initially work with managers to arrange the level of support needed for a service user and supervisors and co-workers will continue to inform families of any changes or new information regarding the service user.

3. By understanding the different roles and responsibilities, the different professional expectations and multi agency and intergrated working, effective communication and information can be used on a need to know basis. It is important to work in partnership with others to provide holistic care and to share information. Co-workers share information with other co-workers via daily notes and communication sheets. Co- workers share information with Supervisors and managers via monthly reports, supervisions and appraisals. Supervisors and managers share information via policy and procedures, team meetings, memorandums, care plans, supervisions and appraisals. Regular communication keeps everyone up to date with information to support service users to the best of our ability and to provided the right level of care. Other agencies have their own polices and procedures and different ways in which they share information and it is important to...
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