Demonstrative Communication Paper

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  • Published : March 16, 2013
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Demonstrative Communication Paper

Demonstrative Communication Paper
The definition of demonstrative communication is the non-verbal communication in which senders and receivers exchange messages and feedbacks in an unwritten, unspoken, wordless manner. Non-verbal communication is at times intentional and other times done without intention. Facial expressions, tone of voice, and body postures are just a few gestures of demonstrative communications that convey the senders’ thoughts and emotions. Though harder to manage and understand, demonstrative communication can have a greater and longer lasting impression than verbal communication (Switzer, 2010). Demonstrative communication is even more common than oral or written communication both consciously and subconsciously. Demonstrative communication, like any other type of communication can be effective or ineffective while also positive or negative for both the sender and receiver. This is meant to emphasize verbal communication. For example, a firm handshake, appropriate dress, and a pleasant voice may increase the chance of getting hired during a job interview. These elements are helpful tools to enhance verbal performance during a job interview. The person doing the interviewing may get a better impression of the other person through the use of non-verbal communication. The person conducting the interview will draw a conclusion either positive or negative and make use of this information to help narrow down the selection process of the candidates. The personality of a person shows in the way that person exposes him or herself to others. An example of this would be a businesswoman in a stylish tailored suit, walking with poise and confidence to show that she is in control. The self-assure attitude will help her achieve respect and advancement in her business dealings. Every day people unknowingly bring demonstrative communication into play. Clothing, hair, jewelry, tattoos, paintings, and vehicles are several...
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