Demonstrate Your Understanding of Undertaking a Learning Needs Analysis.

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Demonstrate your understanding of undertaking a learning needs analysis.

I. Explain three reasons why learning and development needs may arise in your own organisation. Include examples for individual and group needs.

|Individual |Group | |New role / Job change |New product / equipment | |New system / technology |Change of regulation / legislation | |Change of policies / procedures |feedback |

1. Learning needs may arise because of a decision to do things differently. We recently decided to change how we record delegates on training course. Instead of using Excel trackers we now going to use Access, which make our system booking much easier.

2. If an individual is appointed to a new post in a different sector, that individual will need to have an understanding of what the sector is dealing with. That could lead to a training need.

3. Individual/Group: Introduction to a new appraisal process has been put in place within my organisation. Managers across the department need to understand what is expected of them and then cascade to their respective team.

II. Describe at least three methods of identifying learning and development needs and identify the advantages and disadvantages of each.

1. Appraisal
Through appraisal’s meeting you clarify and agree objectives that an individual needs to achieve. You will look at what they need and discuss the skills and knowledge needed to achieve those objectives. If they haven’t, that is a Learning need. Advantages

Development need will be identify...