Explain Own Role and Responsibilities in Identifying and Meeting the Needs of the Learners

Topics: Learning, Education, Psychology Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Explain own role and responsibilities in identifying and meeting the needs of the learners As a teacher and trainer I have found that one of the simplest ways to make learning accessible to both myself and to those I am teaching is by relating to real-life situations and circumstances that I have faced. If one takes the approach of trying to memorise lists of facts of how to deal with First Aid situations the information becomes more difficult to absorb and less likely to be retained. Context can help provide a more intuitive framework for people’s skills, whether it is as simple as telling a story that can be recalled if and when relevant or even if it delves deeply enough to understand why certain techniques are used in First Aid situations. Remembering that reason why we do something specific is much simpler to remember, especially for a learner that hasn’t taken part in any sort of First Aid course before. To promote additional learning I would always recommend that learners review their literature to keep ideas fresh in their minds as well as taking other courses, whether those courses contain new information or just backup of the information that they have already been presented with. The possibility of joining a volunteer group such as SJA would also really boost their ability to maintain their current skills and develop new ones. First-hand experience (with a group to back you up) really is the best way to test skills and develop new ones. Explain the boundaries between the teaching role and other professional roles As a teacher one should expect to be self-sufficient with regards to the everyday running of one’s courses. This branches into many different professional areas. I would expect any trainer to understand the basic maintenance and operation of all their equipment, ranging from resuscitation dolls to laptops and projectors. If something were to malfunction with any of these pieces of equipment during a session, back-up resources (flash cards...
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