Deadly Unna Answers 11-20

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11. Big Mac is very dismissive of Tommy Red’s request; he seems more interested in serving his non-indigenous customers, even though Tommy Red is willing to pay for a drink. ‘Hold your horses, I’m busy ‘ere.’ (Page 156) It is evident that Big Mac is irritated by this request by the way he speaks. Big Mac is not interested in Tommy Red’s story, and seems annoyed by Tommy’s eagerness to share a story. 12. I think that Blacky doesn’t laugh at the joke because he finally understands the psyche of the town, and that there IS a lot of racism in the town, and his friend Dumby Red was the one to help him realize this. 13. Blacky denies knowing Clarence because being friends with an aboriginal person is frowned upon by the town, and so Blacky then conforms and says that he does not know her. 14. The attitude of the people in the town to the shooting is quite neutral, almost positive. They think that Dumby got what he deserved, because he was an aboriginal who had not followed the rules. The reaction also reflects the racist side of the psyche of the town. 15. On The Brady Bunch, Mike tells Greg to ‘follow his heart.’ Blacky then takes this advice and uses it to make up his mind about going to Dumby Red’s funeral. 16. Blacky is told at the front bar that when the indigenous people move into a new home, they rip the doors off and smash the windows. But when he visits the point, all of the houses have doors and the windows are 100% intact. 17. Blacky finally comes to realize that his friend is in peace, and he has an epiphany and finally sees that he doesn’t have to conform to the town’s views, and he can go against the ules and should do and believe what is important to him. 18. I think that it is very important, because it shows that Blacky is now on her side and she can trust in him, and he won’t blow her off and follow the town’s psyche. 19. Darcy smiles when he says this because he knows that Blacky understands what is right, and that there is hope for the future of...
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