To Kill a Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird Study Guide

Be sure to answer all questions in complete sentences

Chapter 1
1. Where does the narrator live? Maycomb
2. How old are Scout and Jem when the story starts?
3. Who is their new friend? Dill
4. What is the name of the odd family in Maycomb? The Radley’s 5. Why does Jem touch the Radley house? To prove he’s brave

Chapter 2
6. How does Scout feel about starting school? she doesn’t want to go 7. What things does Scout get in trouble for at school? Fighting 8. Why won’t Walter Cunningham, Jr. take Miss Caroline’s quarter? Because he doesn’t want everyone to know that he can’t afford lunch 9. How does Walter Cunningham, Sr. pay Atticus for his legal work? Crops he grows on his farm

Chapter 3
10. What do Walter Cunningham and Atticus discuss at lunch?
11. How does Calpurnia tell Scout to behave during lunch? To be nice 12. What about Burris Ewell frightens Miss Caroline?
13. What does Scout ask Atticus to do about her schooling?
14. What compromise do Scout and Atticus reach about school?

Chapter 4
15. Why does Jem push Scout extra hard in the tire?
16. Where does Scout land? In the Radley’s front yard
17. What new drama does Jem suggest they play?
18. What are two reasons the new playacting makes Scout nervous?

Chapter 5
19. What kind of relationship do the children have with Miss Maudie? 20. What does Miss Maudie say about the Boo Radley stories Scout repeats? 21. How do Jem and Dill plan to give Boo Radley a note?

22. What does the note say? Let’s go get ice cream
23. What is Atticus’ reaction to the scheme?

Chapter 6
24. What do Jem, Scout, and Dill do on Dill’s last night in Maycomb? 25. What does the man on the porch do? Gets his gun and shoots 26. What happens to Jem as they’re fleeing? His pants gets stuck on the fence 27. How does Dill explain the missing pants?

28. What does Jem do in the middle of the night? Goes and gets his pants back

Chapter 7
29. What does Jem tell Scout about his pants?
30. What is Scout’s initial reaction to finding the soap carvings? 31. What is Jem’s reaction?
32. Why are they unable to fulfill their plan?
33. How does Jem react to Nathan Radley’s actions?

Chapter 8
34. What is Atticus’ reaction to the snowman’s likeness to Mr. Avery? 35. What happens to Miss Maudie’s house? It burns down
36. Where are Scout and Jem standing during the episode?
37. What new item does Scout have in the morning?
38. Where does it come from?

Chapter 9
39. Why does Scout fight Cecil Jacobs? Because he’s talking stuff about Atticus how he’s defending a black man in court 40. Who is Atticus defending? Tom Robinson
41. Why does Atticus feel he must take the case?
42. Why is Atticus more concerned with Scout’s temper than her language? 43. What does Scout realize years later about the conversation between Atticus and Jack?

Chapter 10
44. In what ways is Atticus different from the fathers of Scout’s and Jem’s friends?
45. What does Atticus tell Jem about shooting mockingbirds? You shouldn’t kill them 46. What does Miss Maudie say about Mockingbirds?
47. Who shoots Tim Johnson? Atticus
48. How does Jem react to that? He’s surprised his dad can shoot

Chapter 11
49. What does Mrs. Dubose say that particularly upsets Jem?
50. What does Jem buy Scout?
51. What does Jem do when he passes by Mrs. Dubose’s house and she isn’t on the porch?
52. What is Jem’s punishment? He has to read everyday
53. What pattern emerges in the afternoon reading sessions?

Chapter 12
54. What happens to Jem at age 12?
55. Why does Calpurnia take Scout and Jem to church with her? 56. What does First Purchase African M.E. look like?
57. How do the other members of the First Purchase behave? They treat the kind kindly 58. How did Calpurnia learn to read?

Chapter 13
59. How does Aunt Alexandra spend her days in Maycomb? With the kids 60. Why does Aunt Alexandra usually regret asking Scout to come in and say hello to a visitor?
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