Deadly Unna

Topics: Australian rules football, English-language films, Football Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Deadly Unna?
Chapter 1
The ports football team get into the grand final
Arks – Mr Robertson – is the coach, he says arks instead of asked Mark Arks (Arks son) is the captain of the footy team.
half the team are Aboriginals (nungas) from the point, they buggerise around with the ball. Blacky (Gary Black) has to play first ruck because of Carol cockatoo not playing Chapter 2
The thumper – big, strong, intimidating, unintelligent.
Plays for the opposition Wangaroo. Blacky pretends to tackle him. Blacky doesn’t want to be called a ‘gutless wonder’.
The worst thing to be called in the port is a gutless wonder or a slack moll for girls. Thumper has plenty of momentum.
Chapter 3
Arks had been a good footballer, runner up in the Magarey Medal. All Australian runner up. Arks wife left him for the Amscol (ice-cream) man.
Arks had never played in a winning grand final.
Chapter 4
Arks picks up Blacky in the ‘Arksmobile’ takes him for ruck practice. Pickles is Blackys mate. Pickles Mickles groin breeds the munga(pg 16) Blacky was feeling sorry for Arks and tried to convince him they would win the grand final. Chapter 5

Dumby Red- confident, nunga, good footballer, big smile.
Blacky didn’t like him at first, because he was a nunga. He was jealous of him and thought Dumby was up himself. Blacky liked him because he was a team player and rescued him from Mad Dog. At first he acted like he didn’t like him because it was not accepted in the port to like nungas and he wanted to fit in with his mates.
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