The Story of Tom Brennan Quotes

Topics: One Giant Leap, The Ascent, 231 Pages: 1 (428 words) Published: November 26, 2011
Story of Tom Brennan quotes:
19 -“Sudden death, sudden death fellas.”
26 –“that was the thing I couldn’t get my head around – there would be a tomorrow, and a day after that, and a day after that. The world went on regardless of how I felt.” 71 –“All we could do was stand around… Watching Finn and a machine that heaved and clicked with each breath it took for him.” 101- “I changed my clothes cause Finn’s blood was on my jeans and jumper, but I can still smell him on my skin, especially my hands though I was washed them a hundred times.” 116 –“That’s all right, she whispered. How about you saying grace tonight?” 120 –“And if you’d asked me then what I thought, I would’ve said nothing or no one could take that away from us.” 124 –“like I said, that was a low point.”

128 –“Being a team player, you should have known better.” 132 –“Give him my love. She whispered. Tell him I’m always thinking of him.” 134 –“Didn’t they realise we weren’t like everyone else here?” 139 –“Tom, he swallowed. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry you had to leave the Billi. I’m so, so sorry.” 148 –“You could be Finn.”

152 –“Talking about a waste.”
154 –“Fair? Kath yelled. Fair!”
157 –“One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind. Cause today, for my family, that’s what it was like.” 167 –“You know, today I’m going to the Hill Deli to buy one of their home-made lasagnes. I hear they’re delicious.” 183 –“When I walked into the school gates… no one turned to look at us. No one pointed, no one whispered behind their hands.” 185 –“I felt lighter. I no longer had the burden of carrying a secret. And the consequences – well there was none.” 185 –“At least she liked watching the footy show. We’d have a good laugh over that. Sometimes she wasn’t too bad.” 210 –“”I know it hurts Tom… but we can’t undo what’s done. Bennie’s is giving you a chance and, as pathetic as it may seem to you, it’s still a chance.” 217 –“We’d reached the top of the ascent. I’d made it up without even realising.” 260 –“Blue...
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