Deadly Unna Point Summary

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“Deadly Unna”
Winter: Chapter 1 pp. 3 - 6Gary is excited about his team getting in the grand final. Explanation: Why Coach Robertson is nicknamed Arks.
Describes the difference between Ark’s way of playing football and the Nungas’ way. Four days before the grand final Gary has to play ruck because the team’s key player Carol Cockatoo is over age.

Chapter 2 pp. 8 - 9Gary is afraid of looking like a ‘gutless wonder’ in front of everyone in the town.

Chapter 5 pp. 21- 3, 26 - 30Introduction to Dumby Red, his looks, his style. First Gary is jealous then he begins to respect him.
Dumby fights Mad Dog.
Gary is accused of even talking like an Aboriginal, ‘one of them.’ Chapter 11 pp. 63 -76Out on Gary’s dad’s boat, Meryl, we get an insight into their relationship, in particular how Gary views his father.

Chapter 12 pp. 78 - 82Gary contrasts his mum and dad.
Chapter 14Gary is nervous facing his direct opponent, the Thumper. Chapter 16 pp. 122, 124Darcey’s racist and sexist generalisations about Aboriginal women. Gary is trying to impress Clarence. He reflects on how it is difficult for him to know what to say to members of the opposite sex.

Chapter 17 pp. 131, 133Gary’s dad shakes his hand for his gutsy effort but squeezes too hard. Gary’s father thinks a firm handshake is a test of manliness. Mark Arcs wins the McRae medal for Best on Ground. Gary is upset that Dumby didn’t win.

Summer: Chapter 18 pp. 139According to Gary summer starts when the first three people you run into say, “Hot enough for ya, is it?”

Chapter 20 p. 149The McDermotts come to the Port.
Chapter 22 p. 158Description of Rocker and his ‘missus’ … racist joke about the boong and the priest.

Chapter 28 pp. 190-192Gary’s denial of Clarence on the jetty. Chapters 29 and 30Big Mac shoots Dumby and his friends without warning. Chapter 32 p. 205Arks: It’s better not to mix sports and politics together. Chapter 41 p. 273...
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