David Jones Limited (Djs)

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1. Company Overview
David Jones Limited (DJS) is a leading high-class retailer with stores all across Australia. The company operates 35 department stores and 2 warehouse outlets. Mr Zahra is the current CEO of the company. MD Peter Wilkinson, an ex CEO had repositioned DJS as an upmarket brand, targeting wealthy shoppers. In 2008, the company launched a general purpose credit card with Amex, which runs parallel to the existing store card. DJS placed at the top end of the market, targets a core customer base of three generations of prosperous women: mother, daughter, and grandmother, with above average disposable income. Its customers are mainly middle to upper income earners in the 35 to 65 - year age group, but at the same time, the company is trying to make inroads into the younger demographics. It offers products like fashionable collections and a range of global brands. Competitors include Myer and the specialty clothing and footwear stores (InvestSmart, 2000). 2. Nature of Job Analysis

3.1. Introduction
‘Job Analysis is the procedure through which you determine the duties of these positions and the characteristics of the people who should be hired for them (Dessler 1999, p.157)’. The store manager at David Jones is responsible for increasing store sales by providing outstanding customer service and leading a dedicated team, most of them as collegiate and hence dynamic. The store manager would need to mentor and develop the team by being a stable motivating force. 3.2. Contribution of store manager to David Jones strategy David Jones is strategically placing itself for brand positioning. It wants the customers to believe that it is an ‘Affordable Luxury’. In alignment with this strategy, store needs to be broken into segments and the niche sales staff must cater to the individual departments (Strawczynski 2008). At the retail level, the company can execute its strategies and plan of action in accordance with the market trends, which cannot be implemented without the update of the information by the store manager. David Jones implements the strategy of differentiating itself by stocking designer brands which are not carried by the major competitors like Myers (The Age 2003). Hence, the store manager also needs to be aware of the competitor products. 3. Job Description

4.3. Introduction
According to Nankervis et al (1996), ‘a job description is a written specification of the job and also includes the responsibilities performed and describes the conditions under which it is performed’. It must contain at least four parts: * Title: It provides psychological importance and status. However, no sexist or discriminating job titles are allowed * Identification: To locate jobs within the organization * Duties, Roles and Responsibilities:

* Environment: Working conditions, travel requirements for the job, remuneration (Nankervis et al 1996) 4.4. Position description of a store manager
Sector — : Retail: Store and Department Management,

Ref No.:981387

Salary: AUD 50,000 + variable bonus

Work Type: Full Time

Location: Perth Metro, WA

Date Posted:Thu 30/09/10

(Jobs.com.au 2010)

Position statement
Store manager needs to accomplish a company’s targets and policies. The aim of any store manager is to maximise sales and capitalize profits by minimising costs. Managers need to ensure accurate promotions and that the products are merchandised as per the company’s standards. The sales staffs need to be aware of the target for the day and excellent customer care standards are met. With excellent customer service, happy customers would spread the word by mouth to other potential customers which would increase the business for David Jones.

* managing and motivating a team to increase sales and ensure efficiency; * performing stock control and managing stock levels;
* analysing and comparing sales figures with...
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