How Do Retailers Like David Jones Add Value to the Marketing System? Does an Online Retailer Like Scorptec Add Value in the Same Manner?

Topics: Retailing, Online shopping, Shopping Pages: 3 (852 words) Published: May 21, 2013
How do retailers like David Jones add value to the marketing system? Does an online retailer like Scorptec add value in the same manner? The purchasing goods & services have throughout the years begun to lead to a new perception of consumer relationship and in ways businesses conduct their operations. Not only is a business concerned with the buying and selling of goods & services but to further maintain that relationship with their customers to correlate between both parties. As this being the prime functionality of businesses, each business must differentiate themselves with other businesses offering different and wholesome services, which overwhelms their competitors, thus adding their own individualistic value to the marketing system. This is clarified by two different company’s, David Jones and Scorptec, where their conduction of operation is distinctive which is stipulated by the consumers that suit different lifestyles and shopping behavior. The different characteristics of retail stores and online retail stores cater to consumers in the significance of explicit values and benefits. A retail store offers a wide range of services that ultimately adds value to the marketing system. David Jones is perceived as a luxury and high-class department store reflected upon the broad spectrum of brands that are retailed at their outlets. Let alone this perception being a value to the market system, David Jones has the uppermost customer service qualities that surely distinguish from their competitors. Consumers should be able to become submerged with the atmosphere on their first visit. This is supported by the interior and store layout that comprise of indulgence and comfort for consumers to make their time shopping worthwhile. As stated in the case study, shopping is about ‘theatre of the mind’ where you not only purchase products but the shopping atmosphere contributes to one’s experience. David Jones trains their staff to know the products they are...
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