Tanglewood Edition 7 Case 7

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Case Seven: Selection Decision Making

My name is _____ and I am currently a consultant of Manger Consulting. Our mission is to provide our expertise in management and staffing services of other organizations I’ll have recommendations on selection decision making for Tanglewood. A detailed selection plan will be generated for the new manager position in Spokane, a panel will be developed for the selection making decision, and guidelines that can be used throughout the chain will be completed. Selection Plan: Store Manager

A selection plan is developed to bring together what the job is and the actual predictors for the selection. We take the KSAOs listed and assess what predictors will be used to perform the job. The selection plan for a store manager is on the following page. The second column determines if the KSAO is necessary for the selection. For example, knowledge of organizational policies and practices can be acquired once at the position therefore, this is not necessary during selection. The last columns are the possible methods to assess the KSAOs which are: biodata, the Marshfield Applicant Examination, Retail Knowledge, conscientiousness, and extraversion. (Kammeyer-Mueller, 2009) Methods

Biodata tests are formulated with questions for significant life experiences that could be associated with performance at work. Marshfield Testing Corporation developed the set of occupation-specific life experiences that they have identified as being associated with job performance. The Marshfield Applicant Exam is designed to capture problem solving abilities, fluency with numerical processes, and work compensation. The Retail Market Knowledge Exam is a set of questions related to the retail industry and Tanglewood’s unique position in the industry. Conscientiousness is the tendency to be purposeful, determined, dependable, and attentive to details. Extraversion is the tendency to be sociable, assertive, active, and talkative. The top KSAOs as described in the staff job descriptions and Tanglewood’s culture were evaluated below. If the KSAO applies to one of the methods there is a check placed. (Kammeyer-Mueller, 2009) KSAOs| Necessary for Selection? (Y/N)| BD| MAE | RK | Con | Ex| 1.Knowledge of organizational policies and practices| N| | | | | | 2. Skill in judgment and decision making| | X| X| | X| | 3. Ability to think creatively and develop original solutions| | | | | | | 4. Knowledge of retail management policies and practices| | X| | X| | | 5. Knowledge of legal precepts underlying personnel management| | | | | X| | 6. Skill in analysis of financial and operational data| | | | | X| | 7. Ability to reason inductively| N| | | | | |

8. Knowledge of the customer base served by the store| | | | X| | | 9. Skill in managing personnel resources| | X| | | | X| 10. Communication and speaking skills| | X| | | | X| 11. Attend meetings with staff| N| | | | | |

12. Ensure quality, customer service, and health and safety standards are met. | N| | | | | |

Assessment Scores
Scores for applicants can be based on several multiple predictor methods which are based on the following: clinical prediction, unit weighting, and rational weighting schemes. Clinical prediction is a subjective assessment of qualifications. For example, below, the applicants were rated on the following predictors and totaled. Using the clinical prediction method an applicant’s score can change based on the evaluator’s “gut feeling.” In the Total 2 column the subjective feelings are taken into account and can change the applicant positioning. (Heneman, Judge & Kammeyer-Mueller, 2012)

Predictors| | | | | | |
Applicant| Interview| Application| Recommendation| Total| “Gut feeling”| Total 2| Renoir, Maxine| 3| 5| 5| 13| | 13|
Heckman, Jane| 4| 3| 4| 11| +3| 14|
Reznor, Thomas| 5| 4| 3| 12| | 12|

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