Career Development Plan Part I-Job Analysis and Selection

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Career Development Plan Part I-Job Analysis and Selection
Employees are a valuable part of a successful business and to hire the best fit for every position the hiring manager must have a good understanding of the job analysis. InterClean, Inc. has merged with EnviroTech and the strategic direction of the company has changed from only selling cleaning products to also providing full-service cleaning solutions for businesses in the health care industry. The company’s change also requires the sales department to have a different focus and the current sales employees must be re-evaluated from both companies to ensure that the employees who are best fit for the position are utilized. In this paper I will explain job analysis, describe the workforce planning system, identify selection method, and new employees will be chosen. Job Analysis

According to Cascio (2005) the definition of job analysis is it “describes the process of obtaining information about jobs.” The analysis is a combination of a job description and the specifications, which will tell exactly the qualifications the candidate should have. Hiring the most qualified employees is important because it ensures that the candidate up for the job will do the job efficiently and correctly. In order to hire employees who are a perfect fit for the job, the hiring manager has to have a precise idea of what the entire job entails. There are several ways that a hiring manager, who does not or has not done the position that he or she is hiring for can get a clear understanding of all the duties that need to be done for the position and what qualifications are important. Cascio (2005) states that there are five different methods for job analysis: job performance, observation, interview, critical incidents, and structured questionnaires. Job performance occurs when the person doing the analysis does the job to get a better understanding of it. Observation occurs when the analyst watches an employee perform the job and...
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