Psy 435 Job Analysis Paper

Topics: Education, Special education, Teacher Pages: 3 (1081 words) Published: February 13, 2012
Job Analysis Paper
Francine Morgan
PSY 435
February 6, 2012
Professor Krista Bridgom

Job Analysis Paper
Job analysis is the studying and evaluation what a job entails; describing precisely the skills needed and the qualifications to fulfill the job accurately. Job analysis is when personnel functions because the methods of any non need to be precise. For instance, in a job the positions and the duties should be clearly stated, therefore; the job analyst would need to observe an individual in the current position. This means that the individual who are the job analyst should be very familiar with jobs and the position. According to Riggio (2008) “a job analysis is leads directly to the development of several other important personnel; a job specification, a job evaluation, and performance criteria” (Riggio, 2008, p. 57). The job I chose is par educator, this is important to me because of my children. During my children years in school each one of my boys had a pareducators also known as shawdow in our school system to help them along the way. This is the reason why I took psychology so I can help my children and other children learn to be independent in life as though he or she is just as normal as the other children in the classroom. The job of paraeducator consists of assisting full inclusion students. Full inclusion students are students that have special needs that mainstreamed into a regular classroom among he or she peers that do have these same types of needs. The class has credentialed teacher that the paraeducator works with as an educational team for not the full inclusion student but the whole class as well. For instance, my children was in a full inclusion classroom until it came time for testing, they was given extra time so they can process their thoughts on what is beng asked of them. This job method are measured accessible for performing an analysis of a particular job. It consists of accurate and detailed description of the steps that one...
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