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Firstly I thank Almighty ALLAH for endowing me with heatlh patience . I wish to thanks my parents for their contribution and support towards the I am also Thankfull to Sir Hassan Haroon . with out your help and guidence towards course the report would not be completed . I also show my gratitude to my friends and all who contributed in completing the report

Assignment :
First people who made chocolate were theMayas and the Aztecs Chocolate played an important role in their social and religious life. Cadbury’s founder is jhon cadburry . cadburry started its operation in 1905 ad in birmingham UK .CBM Operates in more then 60 countries and become world largest confectionary company. Its is a largest sealing Choclate in the world as well as in Pakistan also Started operation in india in 1948

"Working together to create brands people love"
Cadburys mission statement
Says simply, Cadbury means quality; this is our promise. Our reputation is built upon quality;our commitment to continuous improvement will ensure that our promise Mission Statement 0f the product:

The mission statement of our new product is 
To provide our customers with a tempting andexquisite taste as Enticing Treats means a mouth watering treat which is simply irresistible

Customers get sentimental and emotionally attached. We can see that it had really affected the minds and psychology of consumers E.g.-when the company advertised its brand by tag lines “Aaj Pehli Tarik Hai”, ” Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye " and “Pappu Paas Ho Gaya”. However, the consumers had stopped purchasing the bars for sometime after the worm controversy. Values :

-Bring happiness to their costomers
-Share happiness
-Contains more milk then any other chocolate bar
-made from the real dark chocolate
-AVAILABLE IN 10.5g, 22g, 95g, 165g & OTHER PREMIUM PACKS
The purpose of segmentation is to...
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