D1- Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Use of Techniques in Marketing Products in One Organisation

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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I will evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing techniques used by Cadbury. Overall the marketing techniques used by Cadbury have worked out extremely well, for every technique used, Cadbury have come out successful, they have made millions in profit. They continue to make lots of new products and gain more and more customers at the same time.

Where Cadbury has used the marketing strategy of branding they have been massively successful, their logo is iconic, it is recognised worldwide, it is most recognised in the U.K this is more than likely due to the fact that Cadbury originates from the U.K, so it advertised more. The logo has been around for many decades now it has weaved its way into people's perception of what chocolate is, when people think of chocolate the first thing is a bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk, that is how much it has been plastered around for years. The use of this logo has enabled Cadbury to sell billions of their products over many years as it is the simplest way for people to recognise the company which then creates a craving for chocolate, they will then purchase a Cadbury's chocolate bar, so it is easy to say that Cadbury have market very well using the strategy of Branding. Another aspect of branding in which Cadbury has made strong uses of is the colour and text, they have packaged all their products in a darkish purple, this shade of purple is perceived to be luxurious, smooth and comforting, and when these colours are seen you instantaneously think of Cadbury which makes you think that their chocolate bars are luxurious, smooth and comforting, all the things a customer wants from a chocolate bar. The text itself, saying "Cadbury", is written in an elegant font and also is thick, so it looks like Cadbury is written in chocolate although is still stylish and grand. All of these make Cadbury's use of Branding appear good although they have a slogan, "a glass and half", this refers to the amount of milk that went into their chocolate...
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