Cypop 5 Task 6

Topics: Children Act 1989, The Child, Religion Pages: 3 (1126 words) Published: November 7, 2012
It is important to for me to have a good partnership with all parents and carers. Parents and primary carers are the most important people in every child’s life. These are the people who children will learn their values, culture and religious beliefs and they will the most influence on a child’s attitude and development. These are the people who a child feels the most secure with and who know the child best. In fact current legislation such as the Children Act 1989 gives parents and carers definite rights when it comes to their child, e.g. choosing the school their child to go to, the right of information about their child’s progress, physical state, etc. In this respect it is very important for me as a childminder to establish good relationship with parents and cares in all aspects of the childcare service I provide. Working in partnership with parents and primary carers will enable me to provide the best care for their child. Having a good relationship with the child’s parents or carers will enable the exchange of information to be easier and more relaxed and over time I will gain their trust and will make them feel confidant. This can in turn make the separation for the child from their parent to a new carer within the setting much easier and being able to share as much information as possible with the parents will enable to meet the child’s needs much more easily.

The first impression is always the most important for setting up and maintaining a relationship. That’s why when I first meet with a child and their parents or carers, I have to be professional and welcoming. It is good practice to show them the setting in which their child will be cared for and any documents I have such as certificates, registration and insurance documents. I will introduce them to the other children in my care and their parents or carers if present and to other people that live in my house. I will ask the parents and the child where appropriate about the child’s likes and...
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