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How to Survive a Night of Babysitting

We call them rugrats, brats, munchkins, and the list goes on, but the moments we share with little people sometimes we the most memorable times in life. No matter how much a person loves kids or the money received from the job, babysitting for an entire night can take you to hell and back, if not done right. Babysitting can be fun but it’s very tough if you are not prepared and do not have the effort nor patience. Some ways to survive a night of babysitting are; preparing ahead of time, making a schedule, creating or planning activities with the little one and dressing comfortable. Here a list of things to have in mind. You want to wear clothing and shoes that are comfortable, probably a sweat suit- nothing you mind getting dirty or destroyed. Second you want to be aware of the child or children age so that you can create a schedule and activities to accommodate the child’s interest and relax time for you. Never do something that takes too long because the child will lose interest and get restless. Choosing something like coloring, drawing, simple cut and paste, playing board games or going outback to play ball or swing. Another great point is having a sweet treat or snack to reward your little one when there doing great. Always arrive at the location ahead a time or be prepare about an hour in advance so that you’re not running around looking for stuff. As you arrive at the front door, the first thing you want to do is greet the child with a smile and introduce yourself. Remember to say “your name’’ and that your “the babysitter” this way the child knows who’s in charge. Before the parents leave you should ask for contact information and anything important such as medical issues or house rules. After their parents are gone this is normally when the child or children start to wine, this is the beginning of your long night. Do not get scared jump right in, and start to calm the child down insuring them that their going to...
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