1.2 Describe How to Behave Appropriately for a Child or Young Persons Age

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Lisa Oswin Outcome 1.2

Describe with examples how to behave appropriately for a child or young person,s stage of development.

When working with a child in nursery we can act appropriately for their age by being animated and enthusiastic when talking to them, we can also sit down and play games with them. When they are upset or they have hurt them selves we can comfort them by putting an arm around them or sitting them on our knee. When talking to them it is important to come down to their level and make eye contact and smile at them so that they don't feel intimidated by us. We should also make time to listen to them without interupting them and not shout at them as this could be very upsetting for them at this age.

When working in infants we can behave appropriatly for their age by bending down to their level when talking and listening to them and making sure we do not interupt them. At this age we can comfort them by putting an arm around them if they are hurt or upset. We need to be enthusiatic when asking them to do and learn things so that they will want to do it, we should also smile at them so they are reasured.

When working in junior schools we should listen and talk to them at their own level make eye contact and smile. We mustn't talk over them or be sarcastic and we should be positive about what is being said. We should also encourage them to take pride in their work now that they are getting a bit older.

When working in a senior school we can behave appropriately by talking to them on their level and not talking down to them. We should also let them know what sort of behaviour is expected of them while they are in our class and make them aware of the concequences of mis-behaving. If they are upset or hurt we should sit them down and talk to them being sympathetic about what has happened. If there is someone in the class being disruptive or not listening we should try to get them more involved in the...
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