Role as an Early Years Practitioner

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Unit 5 Assignment
It is important that a practitioner works professionally in their job and understands their responsibility and as they are working with a range of people they need to know how to maintain a good and professional relationship and this generally means they need to be able to talk about the appropriate things to that specific person and should understand their boundaries. A practitioner will work with parents/carers, children, colleagues, students and multi-disciplinary teams such as speech therapists and each of these relationships will have different approaches. A practitioner working with the parents/carers of a child needs to discuss with parents the child’s progress and of any problems they may have identified, the practitioner will encourage the parents to have an active involvement with their child and this means by doing things in their home to help improve their child and to encourage them to do more and boost their self-esteem. Both the parents/carers and practitioner should understand there are boundaries within their relationships and remaining professional is essential, these boundaries are ensuring all information is kept confidential and this means they can’t disclose any other information about other children as this is against the rules put into place by the setting. Relationships should generally remain within the setting and shouldn’t be a social thing as this encourages information to be discussed which shouldn’t be. It is important that the parents/carers understand that the welfare of the child is paramount and they should understand why the children are attending school/nursery and this is for their development. As well as relationships with parents/carers the practitioner will form a professional relationship with different multi-disciplinary teams such as speech therapist, linking to this all colleagues will have professional relationships with these as this information will need to be passed on to all as they need to be aware of their progress and potential problems, and as well as this it is important that the parents are understanding of this and they are aware of the people working with their child. Again all information exchanged is in a professional manner meaning it is all kept confidential within the setting. In the setting there are things put in place to ensure that the place is safe for the children and this is things such as passcode locks on the doors and this ensure that people can only enter with permission, and also so the children cannot get out of the setting.

Maintaining professional relationships with children and adults can be affected by two things which are confidentiality and communication. In order to maintain professional relationships at all times both of these need to be followed correctly, and both people need to understand how and why you need to maintain these things. Confidentiality needs to be understood and it is important that the parents of all children can trust the practitioners and by gaining trust with them it allows the parents/carers to confide with them and they will be able to discuss any problems or queries they have. Trust is essential as the parents also want to feel like the information they are telling the practitioner is kept between just them and the people who need to know within the setting or multi-disciplinary teams. The type of information which needs to be kept confidential is things going on at home such as any types of abuse, this is very personal to the family and information shouldn’t be exchanged. Communication is another issue which people have when trying to maintain a professional relationship with others as people often don’t know how to word things when talking to others and don’t know how to put it in the right context. By them doing this incorrectly, what they are saying will come out the wrong way and may be interpreted in a bad way and this will make their relationship unprofessional. As a...
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