Cypop5 Task 1

Topics: Data Protection Act 1998, Child Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Assessment 1
Student: Jane Hawnt
Date: 25 October 2012

I will be producing a welcome to my setting booklet. Within this I will outline some relevant legislation, if there are any language barriers this will be helpful to take home and use google translate or Babel fish for on line translation. During our first meeting I would talk about the children act 2004 and that I adhere to this by treating all children as individuals and with equal concern .I will treat all children and their families with respect and in a fair way, I will not discriminate and will have inclusive practices, I believe every child is different and special in their on right and would hope to help build their own sense of identity and self worth and in doing this encourage their own ideas, opinions and independence .The children will be kept safe by using health and safety guidelines, food hygiene, child protection and safeguarding. They will enjoy and achieve by taking part in learning activities suitable and enjoyable to them and achieving end results. I would show them my paediatric first aid certificate and also my personal emergency plan and first aid box. I would inform the parents that their information is kept in a secure area and remains confidential and it would only be shared between them, myself and Anjum, I would be clear that the only exception to this would be if I had such concerns that I would need to instigate the safeguarding procedure and sharing information with parents could jeopardise the safety of the child. I would need the parents to sign a photographic permission slip to keep on file. The early years foundation stage underpins all activities and routines I will be setting, I would explain it is a central part to the childrencare act 2006 and aims to help children learn and develop through their own individual needs and interests. For Anjum I would be taking her to groups ,so she could interact with others, I will develop a routine to help her feel safe...
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