CWE Annotated Bibliography, and CWE Reference and Citation Generator

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  • Published : January 2, 2013
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CWE Annotated Bibliography and CWE Reference and Citation Generator

DePasquale, J. P. (2000). Exploring personal responsibility for participation in organizational processes: Antecedents and consequences. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University). ProQuest Dissertations and Theses, , 97 p.

Smith, P. A. C., & Sharma, M. (2002). Developing personal responsibility and leadership traits in all your employees: Part 2--optimally shaping and harmonizing focus, will and capability. Management Decision, 40(9), 814-822.

The quality of my research was very relevant to my essay on the Importance Of Personal Responsibility. The combination of all the important details about the particular subject cited from the author’s name to the source of the citation. The author that I use were not author bias, I found that both author's wrote good and bad things and they were talking about multiple subjects. I agree with both authors and found my self looking at this topic the same way they do. In my essay I defined personal responsibility as taking responsibility for your life and all the actions you have chosen and chosen in the past. My source defines personal responsibility as a state in which an individual feels a sense of obligation to a situation or event. I feel that this is a good reference for my essay, my reference helps me provide my essay with a good structure for when writing it. This reference also helps me realize how important personal responsibility is, not just in college but also in the work place. I have also learn the different types of personal responsible for example my source states that there's a person who goes to work because that is the right thing to do and the other person goes to work for a reward. That was one of the few examples that I have for this particular reference. In my second reference I believe...
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