Role of Ethics, Integrity and Character

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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Ethics, character and personal integrity are three of the most important factors in organisation; this essay will determine the role of ethics, character and personal integrity and describe the differences between them. Ethics is about decision-making and actions of human freedom. Ethics is the decision between what is right and wrong in life, when faced with the different directions of the action or alternative goals to pursue, our moral direction to make reasonable decisions. Especially in organizations, ethics plays a very important role. Ethics become the responsibility of the individual for his work in the organization. For example, a moral person who will always complete assigned work with the highest spirit and enthusiasm without any reward or motivation from others. Ethics also provides opportunities for advancement in the future. With a good moral person and to work effectively, they will be held to recognize and be given a good opportunity to show his ability. Character is understood as something separately belongs to an individual that can not be confused with anyone else. Character is best considered as a multidimensional construct (Peterson & Park, 2006). Personal characteristics make a difference - the difference between theory and practice, between fantasy and real life, between the way things happened and what you want. Character explains the origin of all things.personality of a human being, even arrogance, would be a strong ally of your self. If you can research and find out the influence of personality for the business, as well as control character, promote or limit it, you will achieve business efficiency. Personal characteristics also are factors that pull people together and support each other. Individuals through the process of life, growth and development, interaction with the surrounding ... will form abilities / talents, habits, hobbies. Those trends similar tastes and habits will be easy to talk, to share. People who have certain...
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