Customer Insight Exercises

Topics: Advertising, Twitter, Social network service Pages: 4 (817 words) Published: February 22, 2013
E1. Customer Insight Exercises

Exercise 1: Need Landscape Analysis

1. Twitter is amongst the emerging social media companies and share the competitive landscape with Facebook, Foursquare, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, but also compete with tech giants, such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft, as online publishers in digital advertising. 2. Need Landscape Analysis Worksheet

Areas| Needs are| Customers have| Providers have| |
Game Entry| Genuine| Expressed| Addressed| * Ease of use * Free * Brand perception * Consumer value * Safe environment * Utility * Accessibility on mobile device. * Large community (audience size) * More languages| Immediate Entry| Genuine| Expressed| Not addressed| * More characters (i.e. beyond 140) * Filtering of information| Unrecognized value| Genuine| Not expressed| Addressed| * Advancement in targeting. * Relevant messaging to consumers * More content providers through partnerships | Potential breakthrough | Genuine| Not expressed| Not addressed| * One technology that aggregates all services.| Misguided effort| Fictitious| Expressed| Addressed| * Hardware from social network companies (FB phone)| Healthy skepticism| Fictitious| Expressed| Not Addressed| * Tracking functionality on Facebook that showed who viewed your page.| Pure waste| Fictitious| Not expressed| Addressed| * Social networking capabilities for all tech giants (Google, Apple, MSFT)| No-man’s Land| Fictitious| Not expressed| Not addressed| * Social networking through smart glasses (tech enabled glasses)|

3. Upon completion of the analysis, there seems to be a lot of social networking or online services that offer similar products, yet consumers need to go to the separate companies to gain that individual experience or value. Today’s consumer is inundated by the plethora of tech companies that present individual consumer value. There is an...
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