Exploratory Essay on Social Network

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Exploratory Essay about Social Network
Powerful new Social Networks provide great benefits, but they also change the way we live and not always in ways that everyone like. An example is the spread of air conditioning, which makes us more comfortable, but those who grew up before the invention speak fondly of a time when everyone sat on the front porch and talked to their neighbors rather than going indoors to stay cool and watch TV. Information processing and communication represents a powerful new technology, with social networking as the most recent service to be provided for free. It can be expected to bring pluses and minuses.

Will Social network really improve our life? The pluses include easier contact with friends, more chances to make new friends and create a community, and also find a romantic relationship. Most of these networks include advertising programs which target particular user with his or her interest. Social network can also bring customers and traffic to your business or website at a modest cost. Using social network site can improve our relationships with friend and family that live somewhere different then you are. It is cheaper to write somebody on Facebook instead of sending them a letter thought the mail, or even imagine sending a letter internationally. Using social networks we can ask questions and receive answers more quickly. Another fact is that social networks are great boredom killers. There is always somebody to talk to and interesting part is you can talk about anything.

After all of that said, sharing could be dangerous. We never know if the people we talking to are real. Then there are always scammers and people who will try to steal your identity. Some people become addicted to life on the computer screen, and withdraw from personal contact — it's a long way from people sitting on the porch talking to friends and neighbors. Students are getting in trouble with University administrators for incriminating and...
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