Costa Coffee Marketing Strategy

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Costa Coffee

Targeting Costa Coffee:
• While evaluating their consumer market the conclusion was that the ideal consumer’s economic profile will be
– Upper Middle Class
– Privileged Class
• While the age demographics will be:
– Students and Youngsters
– Professionals
– Families
– Mature Consumers
• Gender and Ethnic/Religious Background was researched to have minimal or no effect on the choices concerning coffee made by consumers and their patronage of coffee houses.

1. Miscela
Blend: Costa has a unique blend we call the Mocha Italia
2. Macinatura:
Grind: Every cup of Costa is made from freshly ground beans; ground to the exact consistency to ensuring perfect extraction of flavors & aroma. We use the Ferrari of grinders-the Mazzer–to ensure the “Perfect Cup” 3. Macchina:

Machine: Costa shops use specially designed Italian espresso machines. They have been tuned & perfected over the last twenty years to achieve high volumes of perfect espresso [the heart of every coffee drink] 4. Manna:

Hand: the skill of the Barista influences the “Perfect Cup” So they undergo extensive & intensive training at our Coffee Academy to reach the excellence that’s Costa

The marketing communication strategy for its products

Raising awareness of your product in your target market is where sales begin, and this is where marketing communications activities begin the selling process.

With today's multiple channels for content to reach potential customers, the art and science of marketing communications has become increasingly important.

However, no company can be sure they are using the most efficient media mix without creating a marcom strategy that is aligned with their overall strategic marketing direction.

Target market strategy:

To maximise on brand name (signature) Costa signifies luxury, excellence in Coffee, all over the world, along with the theme of Costa which...
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