Current Trends in the Hospitality

Topics: Tourism, Hotel, World Tourism Organization Pages: 21 (6564 words) Published: January 1, 2013
International Journal of Economic Practices and Theories, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2012 (January), e-ISSN 2247 – 7225

Current and Future Trends in Tourism and Hospitality. The Case of Greece by Soultana (Tania) Kapiki Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki Abstract. This paper identifies some of the current and future trends affecting the tourism and hospitality industry, including globalisation, guests’ safety and security, the importance of offering outstanding services, the new technologies that enhance competitiveness, the population ageing that impacts directly on tourist demand and the correlation between price and value. Reference is also made to the trends in the development of tourism lodgings. Furthermore, the paper attempts to analyse the Greek tourism performance indicators for the last 10 years and suggest ways out of the recession for the tourism entrepreneurs. The suggestions to the hoteliers include careful analysis of the current and future trends and application of the proper adaptations, investing in exceptional services and sustainability of their lodging, as well as utilizing the new technologies and the social networks. Moreover, the hotel owners should consider the retirees as their potential guests and, finally, they must seek ways to retain effective, diverse and competent staff. Key words: employment, Greece, services, tourism and hospitality, trends.

JEL classification: J210, L800, L830

1 Introduction Hospitality means providing service to others, as well as demonstrating consistent excellence and quality. It should also mean profitably providing value at any price level, while demonstrating your own unique points of distinction. Most of all, hospitality should be a “place”, where people can still be exceptional individuals and they can extend their own personality and style (Hogan, 2008). The hospitality industry is part of a huge group of companies known as travel and tourism industry, which provides the necessary or desirable goods and services to travellers. The hospitality and tourism industries are the largest and fastest-growing industries in the world (Walker, 2010). The travel and tourism industry is composed of five parts: a) the tourism lodgings (hotels, motels, camps, cruise ships), b) the transportation services (ships, airplanes, trains), c) food and beverage operations (restaurants, bars, taverns, catering), d) retail stores (gifts, souvenir, arts/crafts shops) and e) the activities (recreation, educational trips, business, festivals, sport events), (Kasavana and Brooks, 2007).

The hospitality industry includes the tourism lodgings, the catering companies, as well as the food and beverage departments operating within the lodgings. Tourism lodgings stand out among other travel and tourism companies because they offer their guests overnight accommodation, food and drinks, recreational activities and more. The characteristics of the hospitality industry are:  It is a truly unique and fun workplace and diverse in the scope of responsibilities that one can attain.  It is an industry with many career options and a source for a respectful income.  Its outstanding dimension is the orientation towards guest satisfaction at ultimate level.  It offers intangible and perishable products (if for example 25 rooms are not sold on a specific night, their revenues will be lost for ever).  The hospitality businesses make continuous efforts for maintaining a positive image along with great guest service. It appears that quality service is the basis to industry success. Thus, those organizations that focus on quality become the leaders for on-going guest satisfaction, creating loyalty and influencing


International Journal of Economic Practices and Theories, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2012 (January), e-ISSN 2247 – 7225

future behavioural intentions (Jonsson and Devonish, 2009). The new philosophy in hospitality is that...
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