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Amy Kwan 052023504
Student Name and Number
Student Name and Number

Section No.

Norman Shaw
Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
in partial fulfillment for the requirements
HTI 404 W08 Hospitality Information Systems

Date (11-03-2008)

Ryerson University
Session 01 ToDo 01 = Memo to Jesse
Date: 01/08/2008
From:,, Re: Weekend Assignment
Hi Mr. Baker:
I had the opportunity to examine the SCR’s internet site to gain more knowledge about the company. After browsing through the SCR’s internet site, I have come up with a few suggestions to improve the following sections: • History, purpose and values: the 3 principles should be bolded to emphasize its statements so that they stand out and are easier to read; perhaps providing a real-life example for each 3 principles will create a sense of trust and familiarity for new consumers; information under separate headings should be more organized and more detailed information; by using names of companies who have used SCR creates leverage for marketing our products and services. • Under employment section: detailed list of requirements/qualification; however, job description is not in depth and therefore applicants may not know exactly what is asked of them and what is entailed in the position • Home page: slogan should be emphasized; ie. By using a larger or different font, viewers can easily spot slogan and therefore provide better simulation, clarity and recall for the branded company • Greater detail in describing each functional unit/group will give a better, in-depth understanding of what makes up SCR and what each unit does; how this is presented may click in the consumer’s mind by offering services which present solutions to their problems. • A user-friendly website: audience usually can view everything under each section without having to scroll by having the headings at the top of the page could be enabled to click on the direct link to the page • Including a left-hand side panel menu would make it easier to navigate around the website so the user does not have to constantly click backwards to the main page in order to view another subsection. Hope these suggestions will make the website better for future users. Thank you very much for making me a part of SCR team. Sincerely,

Sandy Yong, Angelina Osei & Amy Kwan

Session 01 ToDo 03 = Organization Chart


Session 01 ToDo 04 = IT consulting firms

1. Novaxa

Novaxa is a Canadian IT company which was founded by Nathalie Gelinas. The firm specialize in the implementation of Six Sigma best practices for both small and large businesses. Due to its specialization in Six Sigma, it is the only Canadian company with an accreditation to implement “Lean Six Sigma integrative approach”.

2. CMS Consulting

An IT consulting firm responsible for providing security and protection for businesses engaged in IT infrastructure activities. It helps to minimize external threats, internal vulnerabilities and both hardware and software failures a company may encounter. It has been selected as one of the few IT companies in Canada with proven capabilities and experience to build and sustain truly secure Microsoft-based environments for users.

3. Gatesix Inc.

Gatesix Inc. is a one-stop-shop for everything IT and we’re much more than just a technology provider; we’re a long-term partner for your growing business. Their no-nonsense approach will get right to the heart of your problem and uncover a simple, intelligent and straightforward solution – surprisingly within budget, too.

From web development and Internet marketing to custom applications and business productivity solutions, Gatesix will...
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