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Session 1
1. Investigate SCR’s Internet site and learn about the company’s history, purpose, and values. Send Jesse a brief memo with suggestions to expand or improve these sections. 2. On the SCR intranet, visit the data, forms, and resources libraries and review a sample of the information in each library. 3. Using the SCR functions and organization listed in the data library, create an organization chart using Microsoft Word, Visio, or a drawing program. 4. Jesse says the SCR has plenty of competition in the IT consulting field. Get on the Internet and find three other IT consulting firms. She wants a brief description of each firm and the services it offers. Date: 11/05/2012

From:,, Subject: Welcome Memo
Hi Jordan,
This message is to our newly hired employees. Welcome to SCR, the consulting firm that knows IT! We are very pleased that you decided to join our team. As an industry leader, SCR is committed to empowering its people and offering unlimited opportunity for advancement. Our philosophy is simple: we set high standards, hire the best people, and give them the tools and guidance they need to produce quality results. To learn more about SCR's mission, we suggest that you review the material on SCR's Web site. We look forward to the extraordinary challenges and opportunities that the future holds. Together, we can achieve our strategic goals and provide value for our stakeholders. Again, welcome aboard! We're glad you're here.

Gary Smith
Thomas Campbell
Harry Richards

Hi Jordan,
I want you to learn as much as possible about SCR.
The SCR Internet site is a good starting place to find out about the company's history, purpose, and values. Let me know if you think we could expand or improve upon these sections. Also, please log on to the SCR intranet and visit the data, forms, and resource libraries. You'll be working with these, and you need to become familiar with the content. By the way, in the data library, you'll find a list of all SCR functions and organization. Using this information, put together an organization chart and show it to me. Remember when I told you that SCR has a great deal of competition in the IT consulting field? Well, I want you to see for yourself. Do research on the Internet, and identify three other IT consulting firms. Send me a brief description of each firm and the services it offers. Jesse Baker

Hi Jordan,
I hope you are finding your way around on your second day on the job. Next week, I plan to hold a brief staff meeting to introduce new employees and discuss our role in the new training information system project. Meanwhile, I need you to lend a hand this weekend. The business solutions group is preparing a major corporate presentation on Monday, and Lynn Chou asked me if two of our people could come in to help assemble the slides and documentation. This is a good opportunity for you to see another side of SCR operations. Please report to Marvin's office at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, and he'll put you to work. Good luck, and I'll check with you on Monday.

Jesse Baker

Session 2
1. We need a corporate goal for SCR that refers to our new training activity. Prepare a draft to show Jesse. 2. Jesse wants my opinion on whether or not SCR needs a systems review committee. Need to prepare a recommendation and reasons. 3. Draft a project scope statement for the TIMS system and describe the constraints. She said be specific. 4. Need to identify the people I want to interview to learn more about the new training activity, and prepare a list of questions I will ask. Hi Jordan,

To all SCR employees:

This will give you advance notice of a story that will be reported in tomorrow's newspapers.

At a press conference today, SCR's board of directors announced that the company soon would launch a major new business venture. SCR plans to open...
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