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1. A user-friendly website; audience usually can view everything under each section without having to scroll. Under employment section: detailed list of requirements/qualification; however, job description is not in depth and therefore applicants may not know exactly what is asked of them and what is entailed in the position. Home page: slogan should be emphasized; i.e. By using a larger or different font, viewers can easily spot slogan and therefore provide better simulation, clarity and recall for the branded company. History, purpose and values: perhaps providing a real-life example for each 3 principles will create a sense of trust and familiarity for new consumers; by using names of companies who have used SCR creates leverage for marketing our products and services. Greater detail in describing each functional unit/group will give a better, in-depth understanding of what makes up SCR and what each unit does; how this is presented may click in the consumer’s mind by offering services which present solutions to their problems.

2. N/A

Executive Committee Gary Smith Thomas CampbellHarry Richards 3.

Systems Analysts Natalie Ward Sam Esposito
Systems Group Manager Jesse Baker

Network/Web Support Group Manager Tamisha Spencer 

Human Resources Specialist Janet Gannon
Records Assistant Sandy Wise
Client Service Rep Amy Hawkins
Accounting Technicians Waymon White Jeff Madre
Project Management Group Project Manager Sheely Grant Tom Kleeman Network Engineers Lyle Newhart Dawn Hil
Administrative Support Group Manager Robert Stacy
Corporate Trainers Meg Harris Roy Brown
E-commerce Analysts Joyce Donahue Raymond Ortez Bill Black
Business Analysts Stephanie Greene Annie D' Ogie
Business Solutions Group Manager Lynn Chou
Programmers Robert Newman Marge Clark Dave Spencer 
Executive Committee Support Executive AssistantNan Wheeler
Web Designers Mark MartinHo LeeBill Loo
AdministrativeAssistant Leslie Hal

4. As I researched the website...
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