Current Trends in Business Communication

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  • Published : January 31, 2011
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Current Trends in Business Communication
Courtney Smith
University of Phoenix Online
Facilitator: Paul Frise
December 10, 2010

Current Trends in Business Communication
Communication plays a very big role in the work force, whether you are a secretary, manager, CEO, or director of a company. You will always have to use communication as a skill. Everyone has to communicate in some kind of way to accomplish projects, or make a profit. The key to being very successful though is to have very good communication skills. To make sure you are getting your point across. That is why you need to know how to communicate an effective message, one that is clear, complete, and correct, saves time, and builds goodwill. Communication is the top key to getting jobs accomplished on time and without losing money.

In my line of work communication is a huge key. I handle housing and recruiting station leases for the military. I have to negotiate with lessors and try to get them to except a Government lease. I also have to negotiate a rental price. I have to communicate with contractors if the space needs to be built out. That is why communication is such an important part of my job. The smallest miscommunication error can cost thousands of dollars. The lessors and contractors are usually not familiar with a Government lease. It is important that we have good communication skills to make them feel comfortable with us. We must be knowledgeable and confident about our lease or else they seem skeptical to take it. If we don’t know what we are talking about then how can we accept them to make a deal with us? We also write many emails, memos, and letters. Many of these memos and letters are asking the lessors to sign documents so it’s important that they have all the information they are going to have questions about, a request for them to sign the paper work, but the paper work must also persuade the lessor that it’s in their best interest to accept and sign the...
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