My Thesis Assignment

Topics: Communication, Learning, Graphic communication Pages: 2 (360 words) Published: April 26, 2013

Thesis Statement for Research Paper
Carmen E. Hayes
Dr. F. Czarny
April 7, 2013

Thesis Statement
Communication is one of the most basic human activities; its importance within the business environment is all too often misunderstood. For companies to ensure success, customer satisfaction, growth and profitability, effective communication skills are highly needed in today’s businesses and organizations. Ustun, (2006) acknowledges the knowledge, behaviors, and attitudes that facilitate effective professional performance and mastery of tasks are collectively called professional skill. I chose this thesis statement because it reflects how my past and present employers utilized effective communications skills to build rapport, enhanced relationships, promoted self-confidence which had a positive overall effect in my working environment. Currently, I work for the USDA-Rural Development of which being able to use effective communication skills when working with the public, and within the workplace is one of the key foundations of success. My topic for my research paper is: “The Importance of Effective Communication Skills in the USDA”. I’m interested in this topic because I as a public servant, communication is one of the most basic human activities that we deal with in our everyday lives. Effective communication does not begin and end with the ability to relay correct information. It also includes the ability to listen, act assertively and ask question when appropriate. Directing, or actuating, involves seeking to achieve the highest levels of performance. Teaching, motivating, leading, and working with teams and groups improve the odds of success. Actuating represents the people side of business (Baack, 2012). My research paper will explain the problems and strategies of communication that are the direct result in the success and failures of my organization. Clark (1997) once stated, “That no one would talk much in a society if they...
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