Luggers and Butchers

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Lugger and Butcher Case


In this case there is an involvement of two departments Luggers and Butchers. These two departments were under Food Merchandising Corporation. This corporation had one of its ware houses in Northern New Jersey. As this is a huge corporation the whole company was dividing among these two departments. The main operation of this warehouse which consists of these two departments was to stock goods and then ship to various stores. The Butcher department (meat department) has to take care of all packaging. This department packaged meats, whole sale cuts of lambs, veal and beef. Beef was supposed to be the most expensive commodity by rail or road truck. The beef arrived was two hind quarters and two fore quarters and the weigh was two hundred pounds. The main problem was getting these pieces off the trucks and then places them in the ware house. In this case at the starting there was the problem with Butcher department but later on it changed to Lugger department. There are several issues in this case that can be resolved by implementing proper managing tools in this organization. The following are some of the most common issues occurred in this case and their effect to Luggers and Butchers. The issues that are involved in this organization are

1) Lack of co-ordination support
2) Assignment of Jobs
3) Dissimilarity between workers in different departments
4) Poor leadership
5) Ineffective use of technology
6) Micromanagement
7) Lacking in communication
8) Switching Jobs
9) Poor quality management.
Some of the most common remedies that can be used in this case are 1) Enrichment of jobs
2) Increasing communication segment
3) Effective use of time
4) Performance appraisal for every change in the system.
The detailed analysis of the issues involved in Luggers and Butchers are given below Lack of co-ordination support
This is the common word used in any working environment. As any firm or any company consists of many departments, there should be some kind of co-ordination between these departments for proper functioning of the company. If these departments are not designed synchronously then it will lead to several problems in the company. The most common problem that is caused by lack-of coordination support is unable to complete work on time. The problems associated with lack of co-ordination support are- 1) More time is required to complete the task

2) It leads to serious conflicts
( Calderwood, K. (2008)
In Luggers and Butchers Case
At the early phase of this case it shows us that Luggers were the people who demanded physical strength at their work where as butchers remained in the job only in their working hours. Their job involved less stress and also less physical strength was involved in those jobs. The Butchers job was fully refined and they followed a series of steps in their jobs. On Contrary to this the Luggers have to be made available for any job that their department needs at any time. All this is due to lack of co-ordination support from their fellow department that is Butchers department. This happened vice versa in the last part of this case because of poor leadership. Applying coordination in Luggers and Butcher Case

It is the simple step which means that everything should be coordinated. As by the word co-ordinate it can make things put in the same order, rank and sometimes dignity also plays an important role. It can act as a form of regulating and combining so as to produce harmonious results; harmonious adjustment; as, a coordination of functions. Luggers are people who are involved in heavy work jobs and Butchers enjoy themselves of just doing the same old job for many years. This clearly states us that there is no coordination between these two departments. Even these departments are different but can be united by following simple logistics. It can be as follows (van Laere, J. (2006)

1) Luggers and Butchers should be given job at the same time....
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