Hcs 301 - Personal Goals

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Personal Goals
HCS 301
September 25, 2010
Judy Ceppaglia
Personal Goals
It wasn’t that long ago that I had those new graduate nurse’s hopeless feelings of fear and despair, as whether or not I was ever going to be a competent nurse. Wondering whether I was ever going to feel like I know exactly what I am doing and why. Was I ever going to stop being nervous when starting an IV or inserting a Foley catheter. Was I ever going to handle a full assignment of four patients, in busy Emergency Room (ER), without the help of a preceptor. As fast as those feelings overwhelmed me, they have disappeared. These days, the feelings of fear and despair aren’t as noticeable. “Goal setting plays a prominent role in social-cognitive learning models of academic achievement” (Morisano, Hirsh, Peterson, Pihl, & Shore, 2010). When I can accomplish my goals I feel as though the sky’s the limit. The time has finally come, for me to reach to the stars and grab one, taking my world by storm. According to Weber, “Every goal you set is a life goal, whether it’s a business goal, a relationship goal, a health goal, a spiritual goal, or a financial goal, every decision you make every goal you set has a personal consequence. We all know our goals need to be smart goals. Specific, measurable, achievable, results-oriented and time defined” (Weber, 2009, para. five - seven). Sometimes personal and professional goals are very similar and may even become intertwined due the outcomes and decisions made by the individual. A decision made in one area may have effects in another. At present my short professional goal is to become certified in the insertion of external jugular (EJ) IV’s. Because of the socio-economic class of patients I work with, and the patient’s presentation with almost no peripheral IV access from poor circulation, to uncontrolled illnesses, or IV drug abuse, this skill few are certified in. The entire process entails taking home the hospital policy and accompanying...
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