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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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* Culver’s has a 20 million budget for marketing. This gives plenty of money for advertisements on radio, television, billboards FSI drops and other digital technology (Bonner, 2012). To leverage this I would use inquiry slips or inserts at restaurant to examine which marketing tools brings in the most customers to Culvers (as well as where these ads are placed). I would increase these ads in these areas. * The supply department for Culvers is a national account. All of the suppliers have been approved by Culvers. These suppliers meet the federal standards and food safety traceability. They also are sustainable suppliers since they have to grow with the company. To leverage this strength I would print out supplies for the last 3 years. With this I would analyze any changes in food supply, reasons (such as drought or flood) and fluctuating price of supplies. This will help understand Culvers supply and demand. With this I hope to learn how to be ahead of the supply and demand by using method. * Management trainees are placed into a True Blue Leadership development program to learn to “deliver a Welcome to Delicious experience” (Culvers, 2012). It has 3 levels of learning, on the job, workshops and work experience and performance. To leverage this strength I would ensure all employees with management interests could receive this training (sign up). After they have been trained within these levels I would choose the employee who develops and grows work ethic and customer service learned with in the program. * Jeff stated that communication skills are of most importance on our Critical Life Skills for WCTC (Bonner, 2012). Employees need confidence in themselves, (as comes with proper training) as well as communicate effectively. To leverage this strength I would make certain employees are receiving proper training for their job placement at Culvers. I would offer communication in-services to improve employees verbal and non-verbal communication...
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