Group Dynamics of Communication

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  • Published : October 11, 2010
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Starbucks and Organizational Commitment and Communication

Adrienne Waugh

University of Phoenix Online

• Use the organization you selected in Week One to write a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper that contains the following:

At Starbucks, different leadership could only enhance group communication as trust can be built to align the company mission of value and service to employee- management relationships. At this point Starbucks workers are underpaid and coffee is overpriced. Relations which are farmers are exploited as coffee bean picker’s work in slave like conditions and are paid pennies. As it stands now, Starbucks integrity is suffering as it promotes quality customer service but pays workers little money, charges high prices for goods and offers little or no benefits to its employees.

Different leadership styles could only open up the doors of communication for employee-management relations. Effective communication could help build trust, keep employees motivated, enhance revenue and increase profitability. A strong leader is necessary for Starbucks to build integrity in the communication the company presents to stockholders. Leaders must have the ability to:

• Motivate others.
• Understand the project to be completed.
• Build trusting relationships with employees.
• Establish relations that are built on effective communication. • Be an active listener.
• Show strong decision making skills.
• Be assertive.

There are three types of leaders.

1. Autocratic leaders make decisions without team consensus. 2. Democratic leaders listen to the group and makes decisions based on the consensus of the group. 3. Laissez-faire leaders let the team make all the decisions on project progression.

To enhance Starbucks group communication a democratic leader will best suit the needs of the company. This will have the most effect on employees as they will be able to build trust with the...