Cultural Factors Effecting Trademark Translation

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  • Published : May 16, 2012
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By the research, we have known some basic knowledge about the brand name and culture; what’s more we discuss the cultural factors effecting the trademark translation. (1)To conform to the habitual use of the target language,understanding the habit of the target country’s language is necessary.The basis of the translation includes the understanding of the surface meaning of the source text as well as the deep meaning. (2)Translators should pay attention to the cultural and aesthetic psychology of customers in the target market.if the target culture is similar to the native culture,it is effective to translate the trademarks with corresponding words.But if they are obviously different, it is necessary to make some adjustment like mixed translation and creative translation.To achieve the same effect on the target audience as in the original country, trademark translation should be culture—oriented. (3)Choosing proper translation techniques.As we know, more and more Chinese products such as raymond mill, rock crusher are brought into the international market,and the translation is more and more mature,but there still exist some problems during the investigation. Through the research above,different countries have different cultures,habits and customs.If the translators don’t pay enough attention to the target culture,the culture loss will incur.A good brand name translator should not only know the two languages but also the two cultures. Generally speaking, Chinese culture is greatly different from English culture.Due to striking differences between Chinese culture and English culture,barriers often occur in brand name translation.This thesis is to study cultural differences in brand name translation between China and the Western Countries in order to make people realize the important role of culture and help translators to obtain successful brand name translation. In short,culture differences are always inherent in trademark translation.Without considering the...
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