Branding, Pricing, and Distribution

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  • Published : November 14, 2012
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Branding, Pricing, and Distribution
Gary D. Tate
Strayer University

Instructor: Brett Jordon

Branding, pricing, and distribution are all integral parts of a strategic marketing plan. Each segment of the plan needs to be developed individually with the entire culmination of the plan in mind. In other words, each segment should be a link in the chain to a completed marketing strategy. The ultimate goal is to reach a successful culmination of all three tiers that will have a successful impact in introducing the brand, pricing it correctly, and forming a distribution model that will maximize the competitive advantage to the company or service in question. This report will outline the steps in developing a local branding outline as well as an international branding strategy .The idea behind branding is to differentiate your product, value, quality or service from your competitors, and make it more readily identifiable to the end user. There are at least four questions that need to be asked before implementing a branding strategy. The first of course is whether to brand the product vs, a no brand decision. The second decision would be to use a manufacturers brand vs. a private label strategy. The third question entails whether to go with a single brand vs. multiple brands. The final decision is to decide whether to brand in a local market or a global market or a combination of both. Branding in a global market is much more complicated than branding in a local market. When branding in a global market. Culture becomes a major consideration. It is generally wise to chose countries that have similar or closely related cultures and, or language skills to expand your brand globally. International marketing is the last frontier of the marketing discipline. International marketing is yet to be fully explored but is being increasingly tested to reach an ever growing sea of future consumers. The Lanham Trade-Mark Act of 1947 defines...
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