The Nakamura Case Study

Topics: Trademark, Brand, Logo Pages: 4 (970 words) Published: August 22, 2008
Situation Analysis:
In 1948, when Mr. Nakamura took over the business family, observed the high demand of lacquer ware in the Japanese market but supply was not in accordance to that. In 1952, he built a substantial business for mass production of 500000 sets of lacquer table ware using numerous men power.The Nakamura “chrysanthemum” brand has become Japan's best known and bestselling brand in terms of its good quality and middle class users. However, Outside of Japan he was restricted as per government policy to not do any business, except for selling occasionally to American tourists through his established Japanese outlets & hence needed to expand his market. He received lucrative offers from two visitors, each equipped with the very highest and best credentials .Both visitors were from highly recommended companies in the United States: – 1.National China Company –“Rose & Crown” brand.

2.Semmelback, Semmelbach and Whittacker Company.

Problem Statement:
Mr.Nakamura has to make a decision about expanding his market. He has to decide whether he would continue his business only in Japan or go with some deal to trade in United States for expansion as well as more profit.

Statements of Options:
Mr.Nakamura has following options among which he has to decide for expansion of his business: 1. Do a deal with Phil Rose of National China Company-Rose & Crown Brand 2. Do a deal with Walter Semmelbach of Semmelback,Semmelbach and Whittacker,Chicago 3.Do not make any deal with any of the companies.

Criteria for Evaluation:
1.Family Values
2.Brand Expansion
4.Marginal Profit
5.Global Brand Representation
6.Long Term Aspects and Benefits.

Evaluation of Options:
All available options have been evaluated as per different criteria:

Deal with National China Company-Rose & Crown Brand

1.There is complete loosening of family values.

2.There will not be any brand expansion of Mr.Nakamura’s “chrysanthemum” as whole trading...
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