Canada Goose

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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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Canada Goose (CG) is a manufacturing company of cold weather clothing; specifically its products are jackets, parkas, hats and gloves. Their products are high quality manufactures due to use of special materials such as natural skin animals and special insulation also known as aquatic animal down. The price of their products is therefore higher than the industry standard. Thus, its main customers are high-income individuals who are willing to pay more for a product considered Premium. The company works with a very focused marketing its select group of customers which privileges the word-of-mounth advertising. Its main customers are in Canada, U.S., Europe and to a lesser extent in Asia. The company has presented a substantial and steady growth in recent years (80% 2010 and 100% in 2011), and CG wants to use this situation to open up a new market: South Korea (SK), without losing positioning and brand value that is very strong so far. However, before CG faces some challenges and must to make some important decisions. First, CG must decide whether to open their own offices or work with a local dealer in SK replicating the business model already in Japan. Another important decision is how to satisfy and positioned in front to the 2 groups of potential customers that CG would have: the "early adopters" and "functional users". On the other hand, needs to improve its production capacity which could not cope with the growth in demand for products. In other words, CG must improve to keep its major clients in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Finally, CG should face increased counterfeiting of their products and the resale of the originals in the "gray market", issue that in SK is presented fairly. With all this, the recommendation is to use a local distributor who knows the market and customers about their tastes and preferences, aspect in which CG is weak, and replicate the business model of Japan maintaining intellectual property rights of brand and controlling the resale...
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