Cultural Considerations: Survey of Justice and Security

Topics: Police, Criminal justice, Crime Pages: 7 (2429 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Cultural Considerations
University of Phoenix
Survey of Justice and Security
AJS/502 Version 1
George Gallitano
February 25, 2012

Peacekeeping in a multicultural society in the 21st century requires new strategies, skills, tools, and cultural knowledge on the part of those engaged in all aspects of the criminal justice system and homeland security. Compared to a decade ago, contemporary law enforcement has improved resources to meet these challenges resulting from the diversity within communities and the multicultural law enforcement aspects of peacekeeping (Shusta, Levine, Wong & Harris, 2005). This paper will discuss the pervasive influences that race, culture, and ethnicity have on the criminal justice system and multicultural communities. Cultural Considerations

Within the criminal justice system in the United States, there are influences of positive and negative balances in respect to cultural consideration in society. This burden of cultural differences is a result of various cultures’ influx into the United States and the involvement of individuals from these migrating cultures with various players of the criminal justice system and security administration of their practices. In this paper, the author will discuss cultural concerns as it affects the criminal justice system from security administrative practices, contemporary methods used in mixed, considerations and Sir Robert Peel’s principles to organize police departments. Cultural Concerns and Influences Effect on Justice and Security Administration and Practice Various cultural influences can and will have a profound effect on justice, security administration, and its practices in many ways. The society of today requires laws to be rewritten and new laws to be enacted because of the diverse nature of individuals from all parts of the hemisphere residing in the United States. Therefore, it is imperative for our criminal justice to be fair when these multi-cultural immigrations become part of the criminal justice system either as criminals or as victims to protect them without fear or favor. According to (Human Rights Watch, 1998) “balance is an important concept in criminal justice, since this serves as a guide in making administrative decisions for justice and security operations. The government uses balance to enact laws that benefit each citizen in the country. This helps maintain justice in the society.” Culture has a direct impact on the justice system and administrative practices since some communities have a heavy concentration of various ethnic groups such as Hispanics, African Americans, Arabs, and Whites. With this said the pressure is greater on the security and justice administration to provide services to these individuals in a way that will be reflective of the race and ethnicity of law enforcement officers. Hence, when you have a law enforcement department that is not reflective of the various ethnic communities, this will create chaos when solving crime and punishment, since law enforcement personnel lacks the knowledge various cultural issues. Therefore, its’ always a good thing to have a police organization that is diverse. Within every society an individual is raised within a cultural and social environment, and this in itself have a major impact on their value system, behavior and beliefs. Thus, their culture is entwined from inception of life, which is important in their realization of how culture has an impact on issues that pertains to the operations of security and justice. Conflict that arises between racial, ethnic, and the police is a result of deficiency of cultural competence on the entire police administration. According to (Webster’s Dictionary, 2008) “Cultural competence is the ability to comprehend and respond in an appropriate manner in the traditions, language, lifestyles, and patterns of communication of various racial or ethnic groups.” An important aspect to note is that...
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